What Customers are saying about Manikar & co. Jewellers ?


I've gotten rings, earrings, bracelets and a few other pieces of jewelry from Manikar & co. Jewellers and I couldn't be happier with not only the qualiy of the jewellery, but the great service I always get when I'm there. I've had a lot of my jewellery repaired and checked by the great staff at Manikar & co. Jewellers because I trust them.


I don't buy jewelry from anyone other than Manikar & co. Jewellers ! They're staff is excellent at helping me find exactly what I'm looking for, and if they don't happen to have it, they'll just order it. I've also had them repair, clean and engrave jewelry for me and I've been pleased with everything overall!


Thank you Manikar & co. Jewellers for the wonderful service you have provided. My husband just bought a set of diamond bangles from your store for my birthday and they were just beautiful and its cheap too.